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Letters To The Gubernatorial Candidates:

Dear Governor Evers / Mr. Tim Michels,


Please see the letter below and attached from Wisconsin Business Leaders For Democracy. Please reply to this letter by responding to this email at


Thank you

Wisconsin Business Leaders for Democracy




September 26, 2022


Gov. Tony Evers

c/o Tony for Wisconsin

PO Box 1879

Madison, WI 53701


Tim Michels

c/o Michels for Governor

PO Box 26909

Milwaukee WI 53226


Dear Candidates for Wisconsin Governor:


As Wisconsin business leaders, we know that to grow the economy, create jobs, and increase wages and opportunities, we must have a strong, vibrant democracy that ensures the rule of law and civic stability.  


That’s why we have come together as a bipartisan group of business leaders to advocate for our democracy. We are committed to ensuring all eligible voters with access to the ballot; enacting non-partisan, transparent election policy and administration; and advocating for secure and modern election systems.  


We are asking you, the two major candidates for Wisconsin Governor, to join us in pledging support to 10 fundamental tenets of democracy and democratic elections that have served our state well for generations. 


Many of these foundational beliefs are based on those put forth by the Candidate Principles for Trusted Elections, a bipartisan coalition of more than 50 organizations and individuals – including the Carter Center and the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation, the Conservative Policy Leadership Institute and Leadership Now Project.  They all agree that candidates for public office should lead by example and uphold the core doctrines of democratic elections: integrity, nonviolence, security, oversight, and the peaceful transfer of power.


The pledge appears below.  We welcome your responses by October 3, 2022, so we can accurately inform fellow business leaders and the public about your positions on elections and democracy.  For clarity, a non-response will be interpreted as a “no, I don’t support” declaration.  



Wisconsin Business Leaders for Democracy


Wisconsin Gubernatorial Candidate Pledge:


1.      I pledge to respect voters' freedom to exercise their lawful rights to register and vote, free from interference, obstruction, or intimidation.


2.      I pledge to encourage a peaceful election atmosphere during the pre-election, polling, counting, and post-election periods.


3.      I will cooperate with election officials, adhere to rules and regulations, and refrain from knowingly propagating falsehoods about the electoral process. 

4.      I pledge to denounce any attempt to intimidate, harass, threaten or incite violence against opponents, their supporters, and election workers. 

5.      I pledge to encourage political parties and others to train poll-watchers on the election process and appropriate roles and behaviors, responsibilities, and obligations. 

6.      I pledge to make any claims of election irregularities in full accordance with the law and acknowledge the legitimacy of the outcomes after the results have been certified and all legal contests resolved. 

7.      I pledge to accept the outcome of the 2022 Wisconsin gubernatorial election once results are verified by the Wisconsin Election Commission and any valid legal challenges have run their course. 

8.      I pledge to veto any measures approved by the legislature to decertify the 2020 presidential election results in Wisconsin.

9.      I pledge to certify the winner of the 2024 presidential election, whomever it is, after the results are verified by the Wisconsin Election Commission and all valid legal challenges resolved. 

10.   I pledge to veto any measures approved by the legislature that would politicize election administration in our state, including efforts that would limit the oversight role of the Wisconsin Election Commission by giving more power to political actors. 



I agree to the above pledge:  Yes ____ No _____



Candidate signature:  ______________________



Date: ___________

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