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Letters To Wisconsin State Officials

As Wisconsin business leaders, we know that to grow the economy, create jobs, and increase wages and opportunities, we must have a strong, vibrant democracy that ensures the rule of law and civic stability.  That’s why we have come together as a bipartisan group of business leaders to advocate for our democracy. We are committed to ensuring all eligible voters with access to the ballot; enacting non-partisan, transparent election policy and administration; and advocating for secure and modern election systems.  We believe in a core set of democratic tenets that have served our state well for generations.  We are calling on state officials to join us in our pledge to uphold these tenets and guide our state to a prosperous future.

Letter To Meagan Wolfe - August 2023:

The Honorable Meagan Wolfe
Administrator, Wisconsin Elections Commission
P.O. Box 7984
Madison, Wisconsin 53707-7984
Dear Ms. Wolfe:
We, the undersigned, are business leaders in industries across Wisconsin who are deeply concerned about the state of our democracy.
We firmly believe that a strong Wisconsin economy needs a healthy, vibrant and durable democracy in our state. More jobs, higher wages, and greater economic growth in Wisconsin require consistent democratic norms and institutions.
We want to express our deep appreciation for your exemplary leadership overseeing and executing free, fair and accessible elections in such challenging times. We are grateful for your willingness to continue in your position and bring crucial stability and transparency to our state’s elections during the upcoming 2024 election cycle. Given how close we are to another crucial election, we believe that now is not the time for a leadership transition at the Wisconsin Election Commission.
We do not take for granted how fortunate we are to have you here. A bipartisan group of your peers from around the country shared with our legislative leadership what we have seen in practice, that you are:
“One of the most highly-skilled election administrators in the country, respected widely by election officials in Wisconsin and throughout the nation. Wisconsin is lucky to have her, and it would be hard to identify many election officials with more expertise, dedication, and integrity than Ms. Wolfe, who achieves all this within the highest standards of nonpartisan fairness.”
Unfortunately, you – and your fellow election administrators in Wisconsin -- are facing unprecedented threats and harassment for simply doing your job. That is wrong and unacceptable. We are especially disappointed to see certain political leaders in Wisconsin continue to call for your removal even with such a deeply effective track record of nonpartisan, expert election administration.
We note that, even with such deep scrutiny of the 2020 elections in Wisconsin, multiple sources found that, in the words of Circuit Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn, there was “absolutely no evidence of election fraud."  Instead, you presided over one of the most successful elections in Wisconsin history, with historic levels of turnout during the pandemic.
We admire the words you shared in your letter of June 14, urging Wisconsin’s 1,850 municipal and 72 county clerks to use their “voice of truth” and “push back against the false claims about Wisconsin elections.” 
You can count on us to do the same. We ask our elected officials and our peers in the business community to stand with us, support your excellent stewardship of the Wisconsin Election Commission, and defend our democracy from any further degradation.
Russell J. Barcelona, Ph.D., Ascend Talent Strategies, Inc., Co-Owner and Corporate Psychologist
Joel Brennan, Greater Milwaukee Committee, President
Betsy Brenner, Former President & Publisher of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
John Florsheim, President of Weyco Group
Tom Florsheim, CEO of Weyco Group
Ellen Gilligan,  Greater Milwaukee Foundation,  President & CEO
David Irwin, Hiawatha Group
John Kissinger, GRAEF,  President/CEO
Matthew S. Levatich,  Former President and CEO, Harley-Davidson
David Lubar, President & CEO of Lubar & Co.
Greg Marcus, CEO
Paul Miller, Colectivo Coffee, Partner
Ronald Miller
Mark Mone, Chancellor, UW-Milwaukee
Cory Nettles, Managing Director at Generation Growth Capital
Anoop Prakash, Leadership Now Project, WI Chapter
Austin Ramirez, CEO, Husco
Sachin Shivram, CEO of Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry

How Can I Get Involved?

Show your support by adding your name to our letter to the Wisconsin Election Administrators. If you have any questions please email us at: 

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